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Here are some of the wonderful things previous guests have had to say about us:

"A tranquil and beautiful house and setting. Thank you for your kind hospitality. We look forward to returning."

Daniel & Lorna
England - November 2010

"Thank you for your hospitality! This has been a life changing experience for me. Also, I am coming back in October and I am looking forward to another great experience! Take care,"

September 2010

"Beautiful home. Very cozy."

Empath Yoga Retreat - March 2010

"This house was perfect for our purpose this weekend – the view of the lake, the comfy living room, perfectly sized kitchen, the boat ride – all brought things together. Thank you,"

Empath Yoga Retreat - March 2010

"Thank you so much for allowing us to share such a wonderful experience here in your home."

Empath Yoga Retreat - March 2010

"Lovely house, lovely setting and lovely people on this retreat. We have enjoyed your house so much. The view of the Lake at sunrise is spectacular. Thank you!"

March 2010

"It has always been a joy to come to Lake Beresford for me. A place that quickly gets me to my “kid side”. To have this beautiful place to stay this time was an extra special treat…and refuge…and vacation for us. Even though it has been only two days, we are renewed!

The care you have taken with all the details for comfort and appearance are a delight. This has been a blessing!! One problem…makes home feel like roughing it!!!


Sally & Lylian

"Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful home. We came for a wedding which brought all our family together. Your home was a lovely place for all of us to gather. We will do this again soon."

Paul & Rasan
October 2009

"Thank you, we came in for our niece’s wedding our family came from all over and the ones who stayed in this house enjoyed being together. We also had some of the family over for breakfast the day after. Enjoyed the lake and the view."

October 2009

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your beautiful space with us. It has been instrumental in my healing. The energy of this place is very special. Love,"

Empath Yoga Training - June 2009

"Thanks for incredible experience- the energy, the connectedness, the release! Love, love, love,"

Empath Yoga Training - June 2009

"Excellent home for a weekend retreat. The setting is perfect for what Erica is accomplishing. Hope to meet you on my next visit!"

Empath Yoga Training - June 2009

"Thank you for allowing us to come here. A beautiful place for our training. It has been enjoyable"

Empath Yoga Training - June 2009

"Thank you so much for offering your home. This is an amazing wonderful place to have an experience like this. This place is so comfortable and peaceful! Love it!"

Empath Yoga Training - September 2009

Perfect spot for a yoga retreat. The best is doing yoga with the doors open with the view of the lake. Thank you,

June 2009

"This place is beautiful! I feel so lucky and grateful for staying here for the yoga retreat. The environment of this place went hand in hand with the weekend training. Thank you"

Empathy Yoga - June 2009


June 2009

"What a perfect place! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful home for us to have a retreat in. It is Perfect!",/

June 2009

"What a beautiful home and setting. Very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere."

June 2009

"This place is an awesome setting for this retreat. The house is exquisitely decorated and very homey and comfortable.

Thank you!"

June 2009

"This place is amazing! It was the perfect place to practice in peace. Thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness. Light, love, Peace and Joy,"

Empath Yoga Trainee 2009

"This has been the perfect setting for our 2-week yoga retreat and training. We felt so comfortable and at home, which made it safe for everyone to go within and do the deeper work. The garage/hanger was perfect for the yoga classes and empowerment workshops and being surrounded by such beautiful artwork and nature made it a joy to be here. We all felt like one big happy family in this house and didn’t want to leave. Thank you very much!"

Empath Yoga Training - June 2009

"What a fabulous week of fun and excitement! A beautiful wedding for Julia and Ryan, visiting with family… boat rides, exotic birds and gators. 1903 is a truly wonderful place to visit. Coffee on the dock at sunrise, a cook drink for sunset. Thank you for a wonderful time and allowing us to share in the special day for Julia and Ryan."

John, Terry and Natalie
Owego, NY

"Julia and Ryan’s Wedding. What a spectacular time we had at your lovely resort in DeLand. We are blessed have such a loving and generous family,"

Claudia and Hank
April 2009

"Thank you very much for sharing your lovely home. Awesome! Excellent! We’ll never forget it! Hope we come back next year. We really enjoyed our stay here."

February 2009

"We truly enjoyed our stay here – we didn’t want to leave! The house is very homey and nicely decorated. DeLand is a very nice town and we enjoyed exploring. We played tennis, bikes, and walked a lot plus relaxed on the deck and the dock. Thank you for sharing your home."

The Kennedy’s
February 2009

"We had a wonderful family reunion and my brother’s 60th. A great country place although a lot of traffic. Sunrise and moonrises were great!"

January 2009

"Thanks for putting us up in this lovely place – your artistic touches inside and out have transformed the property since we first saw it."

Geni and Chris
August 2008

"What a great place! You thought of everything we could possibly need.Great house. Fantastic location. A garage that is any biker's heaven.Thanks for letting us share this great place."

Bike Week 2007

"Thanks very much for all you have put into this home. It's been a pleasure staying here. We look forward to coming back next year."


"We had a comfortable time in your lovely home. A fantastic rehearsal dinner and wedding for Chelsie and Blake. Thanks so much!"

May 2007

"Wow! The house is awesome: beautiful, homey, and full of interesting objects and artwork."


"This house is amazing! Thanks for having us!"

June 2007

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here in paradise. Your house is so beautifully decorated and so well stocked to meet all needs. All it needs is a pontoon boat! However, we rented our own and enjoyed all the awesome fauna and flora on the waterways. Hope tocome back next year."

The Wilds and extended family
June 2007


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